Dear Parents,

Here’s feedback from some of the participants about the English holiday program that we recently ran for our PSLE cohort:

I learnt a lot of useful phrases and vocabulary from Teacher Brenda. She is gentle but firm and goes through every comprehension question thoroughly with us. She explains the question clearly and makes sure we understand the answers too. I enjoyed the holiday program and I hope to be learning from Teacher Brenda again.

– Aaliya Yuen, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School

It was fun and allowed us to participate in answering questions. I now have a wider knowledge of how to use words. Teacher Brenda also taught us about comprehension techniques and how to answer open-ended methods.

– Chan Yan Liang, Nan Hua Primary School

Ms Brenda goes over various words and tells us their meaning. She also gives us an example of how to use each word in a sentence. Ms Brenda also went through both Comprehension and Composition writing and gave us writing tips such as “don’t write too many speeches” or “focus more on your climax than the start”.

– Charisse Foo, Clementi Primary School

I think the class has helped me learn lots of new words like “meticulous”. I also learnt to identify what the question was asking for and to evaluate how to answer the question appropriately in open-ended comprehension. Furthermore, I learnt that in composition, one needs to keep it exciting but realistic.

– Gene Koh, Clementi Primary School

I learnt the techniques of answering comprehension questions and many more vocab words. I really improved the way I learnt English when I joined teacher Brenda’s class. She is very patient and gentle and would go through each comprehension practice at a slow pace so that I could understand how to answer the comprehension questions. For composition, she gives us advice on how to score in composition and ideas on how to start our compositions.

– Halyn Chia, Nan Hua Primary School