Similar to current learning approaches in Singapore schools, our Self-Directed Learning Enhanced Program (SDL+) aims to inculcate and promote self-discipline, careful instruction reading in students whilst continuing their learning at a time when in-class learning is being disrupted and their education is potentially impacted by various measures being undertaken on a national level to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. These same qualities of self-discipline and attention to instruction are important in tertiary education and later in adulthood.

Our SDL+ Program is for most kids of school-learning age i.e. Pri 3 and above. It incorporates remote guidance and support from a team of qualified and experienced subject tutors in core subject areas (English, Math, Science and Chinese). The SDL+ Program also includes opportunities for online discussions, question & answers, as well as teaching moments. We encourage students to attend these extra coaching sessions to clear up doubts or areas which they do not understand.

If you’d like more information about SDL+ or have questions, do feel free to contact us.

– the Elucidation team