Dear parents,

Starting 01 July, we are resuming our in-person classes at our centre’s physical location and will be transitioning from online classes to in-person classes in careful phases. In each phase, parents of affected students in classes transitioning back will be informed so that arrangements can be discussed and put in place to minimise the disruptions to your child’s learning. We will also continue to have some of these classes being offered as in-person and/or online options to cater to families who do want to adopt a more cautious approach to resuming activities.

Meanwhile, in accordance with the safe management measures outlined by the Ministry of Education (MoE), here’s a summary of our own (but not limited to) guidelines for our centre:

Elu safe management guidelines
Safe Management Measures – Guidelines @ Elucidation

These will also be put up at the entrances of our centre and students as well as our teachers) will be reminded of them regularly.

Thank you. Be safe.