The Christmas wreath is widely popular today but it started with humble beginnings.

Traditionally, evergreens were brought home during winter and trimmed before being placed in a family’s living space. The trimmed branches and other excess greenery would not be thrown away but turned into wreaths to be hung on a door, the wall or placed on a mantle-piece or a table-top instead. Evergreens were considered symbols of power, resilience, and in a way, of hope, and together with its circular shape, the Christmas wreath came to be a representation of eternal life and a symbol of the hopes for the new year.

The year, 2020, has been a challenging year, in many aspects, for many of us but a simple and thoughtful gift made (not bought) by one of our students brought a warm smile to our faces and reminded us of the eternity of life and renewed hopes for the new year ahead.

Thank you, Kingsley Tan. A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones in this season of celebration.

– the Elucidation team.