Congratulations, graduating class of 2021

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Heartfelt congratulations to our graduating class of 2021! More than 90% of you have achieved “A” grades, and/or made strides and significant improvements in your academic work

We have mentored you through your studies, made ourselves available to your learning and watched you from afar, so we know that you have persevered with will and grit, to the best of your abilities, to be the best that you can be.

Regardless of whether you think you did well or otherwise, our hearts beam with pride as we look on at you, moving on to the next phases of your individual journeys.

We are glad to have been a part of your lives and all of us, here at Elucidation Learning, wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

The Elucidation Learning Philosophy

At Elucidation Learning, our students are like children of our own. We balance academic rigour with mentorship and inculcate good study habits to teach students the values of perseverance, resilience and to strive for excellence.

More than 90% of each year’s cohorts make strides and achieve improvements in their academic work. We focus on drawing out the best in every child by enabling each student to uncover their talents, stretch their potential, and develop a passion for learning.

Straight As may make us smile but students’ will, grit and strength to achieve the best of their ability make us beam with pride.

Make an appointment with Elucidation Learning. You can drop in at one of our centre locations and speak to us. Alternatively, call us at +65.6464-0323 or Whatsapp us at +65.9738-8529.

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