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Assessing Your Progress Effectively

Do you want to improve in your studies but are unsure how you are making progress? You are not alone. Many students often focus solely on the scores they achieve during each assessment as an indication of their progress. In doing so, they fail to realise that the important process of reviewing and evaluating one’s progress goes beyond ascertaining that…
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七步诗 Quatrain of Seven Steps

七步诗 Qī bù shī Quatrain of Seven Steps 煮豆燃豆萁, zhǔ dòu rán dòu qí, Boiling beans by burning the beanstalks, 豆在釜中泣。 dòu zài fǔ zhōng qì The beans are sobbing inside the pot. 本是同根生, běn shì tóng gēn shēng Both of them were from the same root, 相煎何太急 ? xiāng jiān hé tài jí? Why should the beanstalk torture the…
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Ready For The New School Year?

The end-of-year exams are over and school is wrapping up lessons. But before you pack up the pencils and make plans for the upcoming holidays, there’s one last matter to attend to – your child has brought home their final assessment reports – what should you do now? Whether you and your child are happy with the scores, this is…
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