Chemistry: Setting Your Teen Up For An Exciting Future

While your teen might be struggling to grasp all the concepts in Chemistry, there is something to be said about getting them to persevere. There is a fascinating world of opportunities out there that rely on a solid chemistry background

If you are looking for chemistry tuition for your child, you might also need to convince them why they need this eye-opening subject. 

In this blog post, we will give you some ideas on the types of careers that use chemistry as one of their building blocks. 

Some Top Careers That Need Chemistry 

The prominent careers that you might be thinking of are doctors and pharmacists, but there is a surprisingly long list of occupations that require a background in chemistry. Here are just a few examples to illustrate the point:

  • Chemical engineers are leading the way in developing clean energy solutions, such as more efficient solar panels and fuel cells. This is crucial in our race to find sustainable solutions for our planet before it is too late.
  • Forensic scientists rely on their chemical knowledge to help solve crimes. They analyse evidence in various ways to put together the pieces of the puzzle. 
  • Did you ever wonder how your lipstick got to be that specific shade of red or why your cologne has a distinctive scent that lasts all day? Cosmetic scientists have been hard at work developing safe and effective products.
  • Food scientists are responsible for that fantastic new product and have safely extended its shelf life, while agricultural scientists are hard at work making sure that farms can produce enough food to feed our ever-growing population. 
  • Material scientists are responsible for designing and developing new man-made materials with interesting properties for various applications. Their innovations are used in fields like aerospace, electronics, and medicine.

Being Equipped For Success

So, how can you help your teen access some of these exciting and important career opportunities? By giving them a strong foundation in key chemistry concepts. From matter and its properties, chemical reactions, solutions, acids, bases, gases, and more. Finding a dedicated tutor to impart this essential knowledge is vital. 

Understanding chemistry goes beyond memorising facts. Students need to develop a deeper understanding of chemical principles and how to apply them to problems in the real world.

Contact Elucidation Learning in Clementi today to learn more about our outstanding chemistry tuition programme. Set your child up for a successful future with a solid scientific foundation from our experienced tutors. Excellence in chemistry awaits!

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