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Are you worried about your child’s academic progress in secondary school? At Elucidation Learning, we understand the importance of helping your child unleash their full potential by providing a solid foundation and a supportive learning environment. As one of the top tuition centres in Singapore, we are committed to helping your child develop the skills and habits necessary to succeed.

We enable students to succeed academically through a well-rounded approach that includes academic work, mentorship, and cultivating good study habits. We aim to keep students motivated, committed, and resilient in their pursuit of excellence. Academic success is not just about good grades but also about developing a solid character. Therefore, character-building is a top priority in our programs.

With Elucidation Learning, your child will succeed academically and gain the confidence and motivation to pursue their dreams.

Math education plays an important role in equipping every learner with the necessary knowledge and skills and the capacities to think logically, critically and analytically to participate in the future economy and society. For some, it is just a tool to be used to meet the needs of everyday life; for others, learning more advanced math will give them a head start in their aspirations of pursuing STEM education and careers.

Our programs focus on

Lower Secondary:

  • Learning and understanding basic Math concepts
  • Learning and acquiring problem-solving techniques
  • Developing and forming answer verification habits and skills

Upper Secondary:

  • Learning and understanding higher level Math concepts
  • Divide and conquer – learning how to break down complex problems into smaller problems to solve
  • Developing and acquiring techniques and a habit of answer verification.

Our differentiated upper secondary school programs will aid learners as they prepare for one of the following courses of study:

  • GCE N(A) Levels – E-Math & A Math
  • GCE O Levels – E-Math & A Math
  • IP Math
  • IB Math

Singapore’s science syllabus for lower secondary is a continuation and further development of its Primary Science Syllabus.

Lower Secondary: Our program builds upon the foundations covered in primary school and act as a bridge to a learner’s pursuit of scientific knowledge by

  • Explores fundamental science concepts
  • Applies concepts learnt to daily phenomena
  • Reinforces conceptual learning and understanding through real-life scenarios
  • Corrects common misconceptions
  • Reviews keywords and triggers for structured questions

Upper Secondary:

  • Explores higher level science concepts
  • Highlights commonly asked concepts and areas
  • Reinforces conceptual learning through quizzes, videos and practices
  • Corrects common misconceptions
  • Emphasises keyword application and developing answering techniques
  • Critical thinking for data-based questions

Our differentiated upper secondary school programs will aid learners as they prepare for one of the following courses of study

  • Pure / Combined Physics (GCE N / O Levels / IP / IB)
  • Pure / Combined Chemistry (GCE N / O Levels / IP / IB)
  • Pure / Combined Biology (GCE N / O Levels / IP / IB)

Invest in your child's future with us.

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