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Would you like to help your teenager improve their secondary school math skills? Are you looking for ways to prepare them for the GCE O-Level Maths exams?

Mathematics education is essential for developing the ability to think logically, critically, and analytically. Future engineers and scientists require a solid foundation in mathematics to push the frontiers of technology. Furthermore, many initiatives that will significantly impact the quality of life in the future will depend heavily on computational power and mathematical insights. Therefore, mathematics is fundamental to participating in and contributing to the global economy and society of the future.

At Elucidation Learning, we firmly believe in empowering your teenager to achieve their full potential through a sound foundation and a nurturing learning environment. As a top-tier tuition centre in Singapore, our mathematics curriculum for upper secondary school students and those preparing for the GCE O-Level maths exams focuses on developing problem-solving competency. We are committed to equipping each learner with the skills and habits required to excel and succeed in their GCE O-Level Maths exams. Enrol your teenager with us today and trust us to help them achieve their academic goals and secure the opportunity to realise their aspirations.

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In their upper secondary years, students build on the basic concepts and skills they learned in their lower secondary years, such as algebraic expressions and formulae, functions and graphs, geometry and measurement, statistics, and probability. They also expand their knowledge in these areas and other topics such as set notation, matrices, coordinate geometry, and vectors.

The program aims to help students:

    • learn and understand higher-level mathematical concepts,
    • develop the ability to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable problems,
    • acquire techniques to verify answers and develop the habit of doing so.

This unique upper-secondary education program equips students with the necessary skills to pursue the following courses of study:

  • GCE N(A)-Levels – Mathematics
  • GCE O-Levels – Mathematics
  • IP Mathematics
  • IB Mathematics

Our Additional Mathematics is designed to help students who have an interest and aptitude in mathematics to achieve the following objectives:

    • acquire the necessary mathematical concepts and skills that will be useful in higher studies in mathematics and other subjects, focusing on science-related subjects,
    • develop the learner’s critical thinking, reasoning, communication, application, and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving,
    • build connections between concepts within mathematics and between mathematics and the sciences through applying mathematics, and
    • appreciate the abstract nature and power of mathematics.

As learners work on mathematical problems, they will go through the process of mathematical modelling, which includes the following steps:

    • formulating the problem, including and making necessary assumptions and simplifications,
    • making sense of and discussing data, including real data as graphs and tables,
    • selecting and applying the appropriate concepts and skills to solve the problem, and
    • interpreting the mathematical solutions in the context of the problem.

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