Our 2021 June Holiday Programs

The mid-year assessments are done and school is wrapping up lessons for the term.  While the June school holidays are a welcome break for your child to get some rest and relaxation, they are also a rare opportunity to ensure that your child gets a head-start on the next semester’s curriculum to ease the learning curve and ensure they are in the best place to hit the ground running come July!

Over and above our regular ongoing classes, we are excited to be offering a selection of our ever-popular holiday enrichment programs for this June holidays.

P6 Math Topical Revision

This workshop prepares and helps students revise for the PSLE examinations by focusing on 3 fundamental areas crucial to scoring well in the PSLE Math exam papers — Fractions, Ratios, Percentages.

Students will review relevant concepts topic by topic. Read More

P6 Math Paper 1 Workshop

This is a 4-lesson workshop, focusing on exam techniques and answer workings for Math Paper I, to help students reduce careless mistakes, which is crucial to achieving a high score in the PSLE Math exam. Read More

P5 Math Workshop [Word Problem & Concepts]

This 4-session workshop give students the opportunity to revise and practise various Math fundamentals essential to tackling concepts key to Word Problems with confidence. Read More

P4 Math Workshop [Word Problem & Concepts]

The math fundamentals, covered in this workshop, are essential to tackling concepts key to Word Problems with confidence. The 4 sessions facilitate this by giving learners the opportunity to revise and practise various Math concepts through topical questions.  Read More

P5 & P6 Critical Thinking in Science
Open Ended Answering Techniques

One of our most popular programs, this is a 4-day workshop that covers topical revision, answering techniques for general and open-ended questions with emphasis on critical thinking. Read More

Chinese Composition (Picture Writing) Workshop

These 4-session workshops focus on helping students excel in Chinese composition writing.  Students will be taught key exam skills and practical writing techniques to improve their picture writing for school examinations and PSLE.  Read More

Chemistry Revision GCE O Levels

This WILL BE an INTENSIVE REVISION program designed to help teenage go-getters kickstart early preparations for their GCE O Level Chemistry papers.  In these sessions, we help learners review key concepts as well as focus on important keywords and key-points the examiners look out for whilst marking exams transcripts.

Learners also practise data-based questions as we impart to them the relevant skills required in answering these data-based questions. Read More

Sign-ups or Enquiries

Do sign up using our online forms detailed in each section.

Call or whatsapp us on +65 9738 8529 should you have any queries on any of our programs.

If there are activities or areas you’d like to cover but are not listed here, do let us know.  We are always open to parent ideas for workshops.

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