Our 2024 Enrichment Programs

In 2019, Singapore’s Ministry of Education announced Full Subject-Based Banding (Full SBB) for its secondary schools and by 2024, the Full SBB will be fully implemented in all secondary schools. Parents and students alike may have noticed some subtle changes, including an increase in the ongoing emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. This emphasis on STEM education aims to help incubate innovative solutions to address many of Singapore’s pressing issues, such as climate change, energy sustainability, food security, future pandemics, and cybersecurity.

On 14th February 2024, Dr Maliki Osman, the Second Minister for Education, delivered a speech at the STEM 2.0 Education Forum. During his speech, he highlighted the importance of promoting STEM education, which has always been at the heart of Singapore’s progress. He stated that focusing on STEM education helped Singapore overcome space and natural resource constraints and enabled (and continues to enable) the country to develop its greatest resource: its people.

Dr Osman also emphasized the importance of STEM education in school curricula. It develops technical expertise for industry and fosters 21st-century competencies like critical, adaptive, and inventive thinking. These competencies enable students to create innovative solutions to various challenges and thrive beyond school.

Alongside our regular classes, we’ve arranged several STEM enrichment programs for the upcoming term break and beyond. These programs aim to cultivate curiosity in STEM and help young learners explore these subjects in a fun and engaging way. Other classes assist our teenage students in kickstarting their revision for milestone exams in STEM subjects at the end of the year.

PSLE Science Revision Workshop
(focused on P3 - P5 topics)

This is a five-day workshop that has been designed to help P5 and P6 students revise Pri 3 to Pri 5 Science topics they would have learnt in school in previous years. These topics are likely to be reviewed and tested in class tests, weighted assessments, and examinations.

We will cover key concepts, keywords for each topic, exam techniques, and commonly made mistakes. Read More

"Exploring Science" Series Preview

Welcome to our Exploring Science enrichment series! Our new and incredible program is specifically designed for children aged 5-10 years who are naturally curious and constantly seeking to understand the world around them.

Through captivating lessons and exciting hands-on experiments, Exploring Science aims to ignite a passion for STEM learning and to fuel your child’s inquisitive mind. Suppose your child is always asking questions and eager to explore and discover. In that case, this series is perfect for them. Read More

P5 / P6 Maths Concepts Revision

The beginning of your child’s academic journey for the year commences from the first day they start school, and it is an important milestone as it sets the foundation for their academic year.  This builds the foundation for the rest of their academic year. Every child adapts to the school routine differently – some seem to breeze through the days without a problem; others may require more time to adapt to the school routine, resulting in poor academic performance later on. Read More



Chemistry Revision for GCE O Levels

This will be an INTENSIVE TOPICAL REVISION program designed to help your teenage go-getter kickstart early preparations for their GCSE exam syllabus Chemistry papers.

Learners also practise on data-based questions as we impart the relevant skills required to answer them.

2024 March Term-Break (09-17 March 2024)
Read More

Do take note of the following:

  • enrolments are on a first come first serve basis and places are only confirmed upon receipt of fees.
  • replacement lessons may not be possible to arrange should your child miss the lesson.
    Parents/students can make arrangements to collect the materials handed out for the day
  • there will not be any refund of fees.
  • “Bring A Friend” promotional discounts apply


Call or whatsapp us on +65 9738 8529 if you have any queries on any of our programs.

If there are activities or areas you’d like to see us cover but are not listed here, do let us know.  We are always open to parent ideas for workshops.

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