Our 2021 December Holiday Programs

The final assessments are done and school is wrapping up lessons for the year.  The December school holidays are a welcome break for your child to for rest and relaxation, they are also a rare opportunity to ensure that your child gets a head-start on the next year’s curriculum to ease the learning curve and ensure they are in the best place to hit the ground running come January!

Over and above our regular ongoing classes, we are excited to be offering a selection of our ever-popular holiday enrichment programs for this December 2021 holidays.

P6 Math Concepts Revision

The Math Concept revision workshop is especially useful for Primary 5 students, moving up to Primary 6 in 2022, who are weak in their foundation concepts. A strong foundation of the P5 Math Concept is crucial to P6 Math and this is an opportunity to review what may have been neglected due to HBL lessons in school and online learning. Read More

P3/4 English Creative Writing

This is a 4-day workshop that helps Primary 3 and Primary 4 explore ideas and strengthen skills in Creative Writing. During the workshop, participants will learn: Read More

Sign-ups or Enquiries

Do check on this page regularly. We update it as we create workshops or announce the availability of more classes for a workshop.

Do call or whatsapp us on +65 9738 8529 to find out more specifics, receive info or if you have any queries on any of our programs.

If there are activities or areas you’d like to cover but are not listed here, do let us know.  We are always open to parent ideas for workshops.

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