Each and every one of our educators represent the beliefs of our organisation: committed, nurturing and acutely aware of how limitless each child’s potential to grow is. We go to great lengths to identify motivators with diverse experience and skill sets who are not just effective teachers, but come together as a well-rounded, talented and complementary team of educators.

Click through some of our profile highlights to learn more about our team of educators and what motivates them:

“lena_pic Ms Lena Chng
  • Primary school Math & Science specialist
  • more than 18 years experience
  • proven ability to improve grades
  • Math and Science specialist with 8 years experience
  • PhD candidate (School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
AaronT photo Mr Aaron Tan
CindyC photo Ms Cindy Chng
  • more than 5 years of teaching experience
  • Primary School Math specialist
  • understand the challenges students face
  • more than 8 years of teaching experience
  • Math & Science specialist
FlorenceL photo Ms Florence Lim
Sakina photo Ms Nur Sakinah
  • Former MOE teacher;
  • educator with 10 years teaching experience
  • Chinese language specialist
  • Educator with more than 15 years experience
  • trained to work with children with dyslexia and other learning abilities
DaisyC photo Ms Daisy Chao