* More than 20 years experience;
* Proven ability to improve grades


Mrs Lena Tan has been teaching primary school children for more than 20 years. Her 2 daughters were both students in one of Singapore’s top primary and secondary schools and they were both enrolled in their school’s gifted education programs. Her eldest daughter did well with 9A1s in her GCE O Levels, a perfect score of 45 in her IB results and is now working as a lawyer in one of London’s top global law firms. Her younger scored 44 points in her IB exams and is currently in her third year of undergraduate studies in Neuroscience.

She believes

“Every child can achieve better results with proper guidance.”

Having taught for so many years, Lena knows how to handle different students with different learning abilities, guiding them and applying different learning strategies for different kids, even in a small group setting.

Through her coaching, many students have seen improvement in their grades – from F to Bs, even Cs to As. Many of Lena’s students have been admitted into the GEP program, won academic awards at school, and/or achieved results that were beyond their parents’ initial expectations.