* Physics specialist of 4 years;
* engineer with 5 years of industrial experience;
* published author

Teaching Subjects

  • JC – Physics (H2 & H3)
  • Secondary – Physics
  • Lower Secondary – Math, Science
  • PSLE – English, Math & Science

Teaching Style

  • deep grilling on foundation and theories; making sure the student completely understands the fundamentals before applying them,
  • applies the different levels of learning medium – visual, audio, and kinaesthetic as according to the student’s most comfortable preference,
  • uses study plans and goal-settings to drive & motivate students.


Having graduated from NUS in 2008 (Mechanical Engineering, Honors), Terence worked as an engineer for 5 years in the Automotive and Oil & Gas industries. He is well-acquainted with much of the engineering applications and often uses them as examples to explain theories and concepts in class.

Terence started teaching because he believes that learning is important not just in school but also in life. He envisions a future where students apply the same set of thinking and analytic skills imparted during his tutelage when they enter the corporate world, making them great leaders and influencers.

Over the years, Terence recognized the common pitfalls that many students face in their studies and he addresses these in his students through the classes he teaches. Believing that every student is different and learns in a different way, Terence takes the time to access each individual, identify their strengths & areas for improvement so as to determine the best possible way to impart knowledge to them.

A common reason why students don’t score well is that they tend to study lesser when unsupervised by a tutor or parent. Thus, Terence relies heavily on goal-setting and study plans so that students can build up the discipline when young and inculcate long term habits. These long term habits and discipline will, in turn, help them when they are in the working world.