* English language specialist;
* Educator with more than 10 years experience;
* has prior experience in journalistic writing;

Teaching Subjects

  • Primary – English
  • Secondary – English
  • JC – General Paper (H1)
  • IB – English A: Language and Literature (SL/HL)


Brenda Low is a very experienced educator with more than 10 years of experience teaching English in various international schools and institutions since 2006. She was previously teaching in a number of other branded tuition centres and has prior experience in journalistic writing with various companies and schools. She graduated with a BSc in Communication from the Upper Iowa University and is teaching English classes for students in all levels of primary and secondary schools, and junior college.


Brenda believes not only in imparting the syllabus but also in helping students learn different ways of communication through speech, language and writing. Understanding that the art of communication plays an essential part in connecting with the world and gaining better opportunities throughout life, Brenda advocates independent learning as well as intrinsic learning. Her belief that values are built leads her to guide her students closely in their application of skills, trusting that even if they cannot find the answers to their questions at that point in time, they will still have what it takes to handle different situations (of either academic or life) in the future.