* Science (Physics, Chemistry) specialist;
* educator with more than 9 years teaching experience;
* more than 10 years of relevent work experience;

Teaching Subjects

  • JC – Physics (H1 & H2)
  • Upper Secondary – Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science (Physics & Chemistry)
  • Lower Secondary – Science, Mathematics

Teaching Style

  • New topics, theories and formulae are explained concisely – useful examples are used to illustrate how they can be applied to solve questions.
  • Focus is on learning by doing – questions provide the context that gives meaning to the theories and formulae taught.
  • Help students appreciate and cement links between theory and application so that they are equipped with the knowledge & ability to apply what is taught to their school work and exams.


Colin is an alumni of Victoria School (9 GCE O level distinctions) and Victoria Junior College (4 GCE A level distinctions). He studied in the National University of Singapore on a local undergraduate scholarship and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree (2nd Upper honours) in 1997. In 2008, Colin also completed his MBA from the University of Manchester.

Colin first began his work career as an engineer and after 10 years working with Senoko Power & ST Electronics, he left the industrial world for academia by joining the Republic Polytechnic where he taught Science, Physics, and Applied Physics for about 6 years.

Thereafter, Colin became a full time tutor and has since been teaching science (physics, chemistry) and mathematics (elementary & additional math) to GCE O & A Level classes in various private schools and tuition centres.

Colin believes in training his students to think for themselves rather than doing the thinking on their behalf. Ultimately, students have to think for themselves in the examination hall. Thus, they are encouraged to attempt practice questions on their own first so that they are able to better appreciate the solutions proffered by their teachers. Colin would rather ask students guiding questions that help channel their thought processes in the right direction so that they are able to realise the solution for themselves.

For weaker students, he adopts a more instructional style of teaching so as to increase throughput and allow students to achieve more in a shorter time.