* Chinese language specialist;
* Educator with more than 15 years experience;
* trained to work with children with dyslexia and other 
  learning abilities;

Teaching Subjects

  • Primary – Chinese, Higher Chinese;
  • Secondary – Chinese; Higher Chinese


Daisy was originally from Shanghai, China but relocated to Singapore with her family more than 18 years ago. Since her relocation, she has been teaching as a private tutor and has more than 15 years of experience teaching Mandarin in Singapore. She keeps herself updated with the requirements laid out in the Chinese & Higher Chinese curricula by the Ministry of Education and has been able to help many students overcome their difficulties in Chinese learning.

Daisy 来自中国上海,18年前跟随先生和儿子回到新加坡。自从来到新加坡,她一直从事中文补习工作,在新加坡有超过15年的华语教学经验。她熟悉教育部教材,并运用灵活的教育方法帮助许多学生克服了中文学习的困难。

Daisy has also undergone specialist training conducted by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and she is better equipped to help children who may be coping with dyslexia (and/or other learning differences eg, ADHD & Dysgraphia) and who may show difficulties with phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary & comprehension.

Daisy 还通过了新加坡读书教育协会进行的专业培训,使她更有能力帮助阅读障碍(如ADHD和Dysgraphia)和语文能力较弱的儿童,改善他们的中文发音、阅读的流利程度以及对句子和文章的理解。

Her current and past students are of different age-groups, varying from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. They come from a wide variety of schools, ranging from neighbourhood schools to brand-name MOE secondary schools and international schools serving the expatriate community in Singapore. This wide range of experiences continue to equip and update her with skills needed to better teach her students.


While teaching students from various schools and age groups, she always tries to cater to their style of study. She can easily understand and interact with her students. She understands that every child is different and there is no universal standard method towards teaching. Over the years, she has helped them build up their confidence in tackling their examinations and achieving better results.


She believes that, working hand-in-hand with parents to be patient and give sufficient encouragement in guiding the students, we can help our children improve their overall Chinese standards and reach their full potential.