Dedicated educator committed to helping students excel;
More than 10 years of teaching experience

Meet Hock Seng – a skilled educator with more than a decade of experience in teaching. Hock Seng’s computer science background (including 13 years in the I.T. industry) and lifelong passion for learning have helped him become an excellent teacher. He holds a second degree and a Master of Science in Mathematics, and his teaching skills have helped his students achieve academic excellence.

Hock Seng is a compassionate and dedicated teacher who is committed to helping his students succeed. His customised worksheets and test papers are carefully created, and his explanations are clear and concise. His students appreciate his warm and patient demeanour, and they feel comfortable asking him questions and seeking his guidance.

Hock Seng is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a teacher who can help you reach your academic goals. With his years of experience, passion for learning, and dedication to his students, Hock Seng will surely help you succeed.

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