Lee Hock Seng

committed to excellence

Dedicated educator committed to helping students excel;
More than 10 years of teaching experience

Hock Seng initially started as a computer science graduate in the I.T. industry. After 13 years, he decided to pivot to a second career in teaching instead.

Since joining the Ministry of Education (MOE), Hock Seng has amassed more than ten years of teaching experience in mainstream secondary schools. He believes in lifelong learning and has attained a second bachelor degree and a Master in Science (Mathematics).

Hock Seng is a dedicated educator with a commitment to helping students to achieve excellence in their studies. He exudes a warm demeanour and is patient and caring. Hock Seng’s explanations are clear and concise, and his customised worksheets carefully curated. His test papers are well-received by his students.

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