Lena Chng

mentoring life beyond grades

More than 20 years of teaching experience;
A proven ability to improve grades.

Our principal and founder, Lena Chng, has been teaching for more than 20 years. She had initially built a successful career in the global pharmaceutical industry, working in several large multinational companies. Returning with her family from Australia to Singapore, she saw an opportunity to share her vision and beliefs in education with other parents.

Lena’s two daughters were in the Gifted Education Program (GEP) in Singapore’s top primary and secondary schools.

Her oldest daughter fared well in school – 9A1s in her GCE O Levels and a perfect score of 45 in her IB results. She graduated with a First Class Honours in Law and is now working in a top global law firm in London.

Similarly, her younger daughter did well in her PSLE and scored 44 points in her IP-IB exams. She is currently reading the last year of her Master of Science in Neuroscience program in London.

Nurturing High Ability

Lena specializes in teaching Math and Science to primary school learners. She believes

Every child can achieve better results with proper guidance

Having taught for many years, Lena is able to handle students with differing learning abilities. She applies different learning strategies for each child and works with them in small group settings.

Through the years, Lena has built a reputation and a track record of identifying and nurturing high ability students. She stretches them to their fullest potential and her top students routinely achieve A* (AL1), 260+ / 270 in their results.

Many of Lena’s students improve their grades with her coaching – from F to Bs, even Cs to As. They are accepted into the GEP program by MOE, and they win academic awards.

Simply put, they have achieved results that are beyond the initial expectations of their parents.

Mentoring Life Beyond Grades

Lena aims to impart life-long enablement to her students by guiding them to develop a passion for learning and a desire to strive for excellence.

Achievements And Awards

Lena was awarded the Singapore Prestige Class Award & Aspiring Woman Entrepreneur Award 2020/2021. Coupled with strong resilience and sharp business acumen skills, her dedication and passion for nurturing students have allowed her to develop Elucidation Learning as an environment for purposeful learning.