girl practising handwriting

Top 5 ways to Improve Handwriting Skills For Your Child

    In the digital age, the significance of handwriting as a fundamental skill persists, influencing students' academic performance and self-esteem. We will explore the development stages of handwriting, address common challenges, and provide actionable strategies for improvement.   Understanding Handwriting Development Handwriting evolves through distinct stages, each presenting unique challenges:   Pre-Writing Stage (Ages 3-6): Children transition from scribbling…
ready for new schhol year

Ready For The New School Year?

The end-of-year exams are over and school is wrapping up lessons. But before you pack up the pencils and make plans for the upcoming holidays, there’s one last matter to attend to – your child has brought home their final assessment reports – what should you do now? Whether you and your child are happy with the scores, this is…
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