Thank you so much to Teacher Lena and the team at Elucidation Learning [for] teaching and coaching my son. I always have peace [of] mind, knowing that my son is well taken care [of] in his studies.

Prior to joining Elucidation, Ming Kai’s subjects were Cs or Bs. [In his recent school preliminary exams as well as the PSLEs], Ming Kai’s grades had improved to As and Bs.

Elucidation have always handled my child’s academic well-being with priority and dedication, and [wherever necessary], they would request for additional coaching opportunities, ensuring that my child had the correct understanding [of what is being taught] and got the concepts right. This was especially evident in how they rose up to the challenges of Singapore’s recent #circuit-breaker lockdown period as well as in the on-going safe distancing measurements being undertaken in Phase 2.

Keep up the good work, Elucidation Team!

Thank you very much for helping Ming Kai during the crucial and difficult time prior to his PSLE. It is indeed a blessing for him to have been under the tutelage of the Elucidation team.

I recommend to all other parents considering joining Elucidation to not hesitate further. Your child will be well-taken care of by the ever-caring and helpful team at Elucidation.

— Mrs Rebecca Chee, parent of Chee Ming Kai, P6, Pei Tong Primary, 2020.