When she was in P5, Jia Xuan would usually be scoring between 24 to 28 (PSLE level 3) for her English compositions. However, since joining English language lessons at Elucidation Learning Centre, Jia Xuan’s English has improved by leaps and bounds. Jia Xuan’s English language teacher in school had positive feedback for her, even highlighting her work as one of the model compositions to share and discuss with Jia Xuan’s classmates and peers in school thus motivating Jia Xuan to want to do even better.

Ms Thia, Jia Xuan’s English tutor at Elucidation, is an affable and patient teacher who is well-liked by her students. She helps them to not only learn the proper way of writing, she also encourages them to learn more vocabulary to help them in their composition writing.

Credit for Jia Xuan’s tremendous improvement should go to Ms Thia for all the hard work and time she has spent on Jia Xuan and her classes.

– parent of Lim Jia Xuan, P6, Pei Tong Primary School, 2020