Teacher Florence is a caring and patient teacher, willing to push her students to achieve their best potential. When I first started, I used to average B4s in Sec 2 at best but with the guidance from Teacher Florence, I am now getting A2s in my Sec 3 Science results.

I initially found Teacher Florence to be rather strict in her teaching mannerisms and methods and I did not think that her classes would be beneficial to me. As it turns out, i have come to like classes with Teacher Florence as I not only learn new and interesting scientific knowledge in every lesson with her, I also learn how to answer questions with ease.

Despite my earliest misgivings, Teacher Florence has come to be the one teacher I know I can look for and turn to when I have doubts or questions in my Science learning.

Teacher Florence can also be a very fun teacher – she jokes with us from time to time to decrease our stress levels and to make classes with her much more interesting. Even with the jokes and fun, she is able to balance “study” and “play” well.

Thank you, Teacher Florence.

— Lim Wei Qing, S3 Express, Clementi Town Secondary, 2020.