Lim Jia Xuan, P6, Pei Tong Primary School, 2020.

When she was in P5, Jia Xuan would usually be scoring between 24 to 28 (PSLE level 3) for her English compositions. However, since joining English language lessons at Elucidation Learning Centre, Jia Xuan’s English has improved by leaps and bounds. Jia Xuan’s English language teacher in school had positive feedback for her, even highlighting… Read More

Nara Syariffudin, Henry Park Primary School, 2020.

Initially, we wanted to sign up my eldest girl at another popular brand name tuition centre during her PSLE year (2018) but after talking to Teacher Lena, I get the feeling she truly cares for the students, I decided to go with my gut feel and chose Elucidation. Before joining, Nara was getting 70+ for… Read More

Irvin Teo, S4IP, Catholic High School, 2019

Irvin started English tuition with [Elucidation Learning Centre] in Secondary 3 and we saw his grades improve from C to A in 6 months. Since then, he has consistently maintained his good English results even when he stopped his English tuition in Secondary 4, thanks to the good foundation which he had built up at the… Read More

Kimi Nurizam, P4, Clementi Primary School, 2019.

Thank you Elucidation for the improvement we see in my son’s results. It was only a few months since mid-year exams, he started in June for about 4 months and we see tremendous results for his final year-end results! He enjoyed his class as well with the encouragement and incentives given by teachers. This is… Read More

Irvin Teo, S4IP, Catholic High School, 2019 (for Florence)

Teacher Florence has helped me improve my chemistry from C to A this year. She corrects my wrong concepts about the subject and gives practices to help my weaker topics. She also taught me answering techniques and time management skills so that I can score for the paper. – Irvin Teo, S4IP, Catholic High School,… Read More

Irvin Teo, S4IP, Catholic High School, 2019.

Teacher Aaron has helped me improve my A Math grades from C to A this year. He takes time off to make notes that target my weaker topics in the subject. Whenever I have any doubts, he never hesitates to clarify them, helping me understand the concepts better. – Irvin Teo, S4, Catholic High School,… Read More