I started A-math tuition [at the beginning of] Sec 3. Teacher Aaron provides us with different ways to solve a question, allowing us to see the problem [from] different angles. As such, I got an A1 for the GCE O Levels this year.

I also started Chemistry and English [review] lessons in March [of my Sec 4 year]. Teacher Florence was able to revisit and explain each concept in a manner that it made them easy to understand and my chemistry progressed from C5 and lower and I achieved an A2 for my GCE O Levels.

For English, i was not getting higher than C5s in school but I managed, with the help and guidance of Ms Thia, to attain a B3 during the GCE O Levels.

Overall, I have improved significantly for each subject and appreciate the teachers’ patient guidance.

— Fontelle Yeo, S4 Express, Jurong Secondary School, 2020.