Initially, we wanted to sign up my eldest girl at another popular brand name tuition centre during her PSLE year (2018) but after talking to Teacher Lena, I get the feeling she truly cares for the students, I decided to go with my gut feel and chose Elucidation.

Before joining, Nara was getting 70+ for her exams. As she had a lot of catching up, we signed up for all the available holiday classes as well. My eldest ended up getting an A* for her PSLE.

Currently, my second girl is attending Math at Elucidation as well. For her P5, she topped the class in Math, and scored above 90 for all her exams.

My suggestion for any parents who are considering if they should put their child at Elucidation to talk to Teacher Lena, and from there, I’m sure you will see what I mean.

– Mr Mulyadi, parent of Nara Syariffudin, Henry Park Primary School, 2020.