Tristan Koh, P6, Nan Hua Primary School, 2017.

Teacher Lena is [very] detailed in teaching us difficult sums in the Higher Ability class, and that has helped me to achieve and maintain A* results for my exams.  – Tristan Koh, P6, Nan Hua Primary School, 2017.  

Satya Satvik, P6, Clementi Primary School, 2017.

Thank you Elucidation for your support in my education. A special thanks to teacher Lena for her help in Mathematics. [My getting] from a B to an A* is due to her help and work with me. Thank you Elucidation.  – Satya Satvik, P6, Clementi Primary School, 2017.  

Gene Koh, P6, Clementi Primary School, 2017.

The teachers at Elucidation are very kind and helped Gene learn many new things. I truly appreciate Elucidation’s care and concern for my son and their help in the improvement seen in his understanding of Science concepts. I highly recommend this tuition centre to all!  – Mrs Jennie Koh, parent of P6 boy, Clementi Primary… Read More

Corwyn Tan, P6, Nan Hua Primary School, 2017.

Teacher Lena has been an amazing and encouraging teacher to my son, Corwyn. Thanks to her continued guidance and faith, Corwyn can now confidently solve math problems. Thank you so much, Teacher Lena! Thanks to Adrian, Corwyn’s linguistic abilities have iimproved vastly, and he is unfazed by tough English questions that he comes across. Thank… Read More

Ho Zhengzhan, P6, Clementi Primary School, 2017.

Our experience with Elucidation was excellent! We are especially grateful to Lena for personally stepping in for the final couple of months to assist the pupils in their [PSLE preparations]. Teacher Lena was serious, professional, knowledgeable and a great help to Zheng Zhan in both Mathematics & Science. They study in small groups and it… Read More

Bryant Heng, P6, Henry Park Primary School, 2017.

I had a memorable time going for teacher Lena’s lessons and I learnt a lot from her. She is a very patient teacher and is understanding. She has also helped me to improve my math grades dramatically. I would definitely recommend her to my younger cousins.  – Bryant Heng, P6 student in Henry Park Primary,… Read More

Adrina Tan, P3, Pei Tong Primary, 2017.

Adrina’s Math results in school had always not been good. Previously, we had tried various methods but were unsuccessful in coaching her. Because of her poor results, she started to lose interest in the subject.

Darren Nathan, P4, Fairfield Methodist Primary, 2016.

Since Darren joined Elucidation, there has been a huge improvement in both his Maths & Science results. Teacher Lena is a dedicated and encouraging teacher who has helped Darren regain his confidence in Maths. We have also seen Darren become more disciplined and motivated in his studies.  – Mrs Mani, parent of P4 boy in… Read More

Jolin Low, P3, Nan Hua Primary School, 2017.

Teacher Brenda is very precise on enunciation and my method of answering the oral exam questions. My thanks to Teacher Brenda for her guidance as she has helped me gain confidence in my English homework as well as my practices for the English language oral assessments. – Jolin Low, P3, Nan Hua Primary School, 2017.

Nurul Azimah, GCE O Levels, 2015.

I was in Brenda’s English class during the year of my O’ Level examinations. Before then, English had always been tough for me in secondary school and I definitely needed help to attain a distinction if I was to get into my dream study course (Law and Management) in Temasek Polytechnic as I had previously either… Read More

Gracier Chua, GCE O Levels, 2016.

My learning experience with Brenda has been an interesting journey for me as her teaching style was something that I had not previously experienced with other English tutors e.g. the need to learn at least 2-4 pages of vocabulary and idioms.

Anthea Loh, P2 student in Nan Hua Primary, 2016.

As I learn different things in school, I come across the same things I had already [been taught] in tuition class [by Teacher Lena]. She also teaches] us what we should and what not to during exams. I like her because she is kind and caring.If we don’t know what to do or get things wrong,… Read More

Danish Isa, Secondary 2 student, Kent Ridge Secondary, 2016

Since I started English & Math lessons with Tutor Adrian, my results for these 2 subjects have been gradually improving – my English results have improved from C5 to A2; my Math went from C6 to B4. He often gives us a lot of homework but I have come to realise that he is doing… Read More

Avrilyn Teo, P5 student in Jurong West Primary, 2016.

Teacher Lena is a patient teacher. I joined this tuition centre for almost a year and my Mathematics has improved by more than 10 marks from my previous scores. She explains clearly for us to understand well and to elaborate. I am very proud of having those marks and having a caring tutor. Thank you… Read More

Mrs Lim, parent of P6 & P5 students in Nan Hua Primary, 2016

Teacher Lena is a very committed teacher who goes the extra mile to guide her students. Although my daughter, Ainsley (Pri 6) & my son, Hanns (P5), [have been with Elucidation] for only a few short months, her helpfulness and her way of teaching has benefited them greatly. Their confidence levels have improved and they now… Read More