I was in Brenda’s English class during the year of my O’ Level examinations. Before then, English had always been tough for me in secondary school and I definitely needed help to attain a distinction if I was to get into my dream study course (Law and Management) in Temasek Polytechnic as I had previously either failed or only achieved C5/6 grades for my school exams.

Brenda helped me by working on the areas I was weak in and also further strengthened my language abilities. I was soon able to write and speak fluently which helped me greatly during my O’ Levels oral examinations. Through hard work and Brenda’s coaching, I was able to attain an A2 in my GCE O Levels.

I am really thankful for all the help she has given me. She helped me get over hard times such as getting rejected during the Early Admission Exercise and to continue pushing myself to the fullest no matter what. My English grades had always been my biggest worry but I was truly happy seeing the grade ‘A2’ on my results slip for English. I know this was truly instrumental in helping me get into my desired course.

Thank you, Brenda!

– Nurul Azimah, 2016.