As a father, I want the best for my son. Asher had been tuition centre hopping and I did not see much improvement in his results until I decided, in 2016, to enrol him in Elucidation Learning Centre for a 1 stop learning solution.

To my surprise, Asher’s feedback was how he enjoyed the way and methods their tutors, especially Ms Lena, used to teach the subjects. Previously an average student, Asher’s school results have since improved tremendously. I am very pleased not only in his improvement but also in his attitude towards learning.

Elucidation, please keep up the good work. I [have been recommending and continue to ] strongly recommend [Elucidation] to anyone who needs a positive learning journey!

– Jack Wong, father of Asher Wong, P4, Pei Tong Primary School, 2018.