My 2 children, Heemus and Gracelyn, joined Elucidation mid 2018. Then, Heemus was in Primary 4 and Gracelyn was in Primary 5.

[Prior to enrolling] Elucidation, Heemus was scoring in the range of 60s for English, Math and Science for his SA1. In less than half a year, Heemus’ results improved dramatically to 80 marks & above for 3 of the subjects. These achievements were really unexpected. Since getting his good results, he has since been very motivated with his studies.

As for Gracelyn, she had always been weak in all her subjects and was usually getting borderline passes or fairing poorly. However, within the same half a year with Elucidation, Gracelyn has managed to score 60+ for her Math and 70+ for her science. This were results we never thought she would achieve before. Elucidation has helped a lot in building up the foundation for my girl.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the teachers, especially Lena, for putting in great effort for the kids. The academic improvements of my kids would not be possible without the effective coaching methods of Elucidation Learning Centre.

Thank you.

– Ms Esther Low, parent of Gracelyn and Heemus, P5 & P4 students in Nan Hua Primary School, 2018.