Irvin started English tuition with [Elucidation Learning Centre] in Secondary 3 and we saw his grades improve from C to A in 6 months. Since then, he has consistently maintained his good English results even when he stopped his English tuition in Secondary 4, thanks to the good foundation which he had built up at the centre.

Irvin subsequently took up A. Maths and Chemistry tuition in Secondary 4 and again, we saw improvements in his results, from Cs to As within the year. Many thanks to [Elucidation tutors], Aaron Tan and Florence Lim, for their dedication and patience in teaching Irvin and helping him to identify and working [with him] on weak areas in the respective subjects they teach.

Thank you Elucidation Learning Centre!

– Edison & Belinda Teo, parents of Irvin Teo, S4IP, Catholic High School, 2019.