Heemus Yeo
P5, Nan Hua Primary

My son was scoring in the range of 60s for English, Maths and Science. In less than half a year, his results improved dramatically to 80 marks and more.

Nara Syariffudin
P6, Henry Park Primary

Before joining, Nara was getting 70+ for her exams. By the end of the year, Nara had topped her P5 class in Math, and scored well above 90 for all her exam subjects.

Lim Wei Qing
S3Exp, Clementi Town Secondary

Teacher Florence is a caring and patient teacher, willing to push her students to develop their best potential. When I first started, I used to average B4s in but with her guidance, I am now consistently getting A2s.

Lim Jia Xuan
P6, Pei Tong Primary

When she was in P5, Jia Xuan would be getting between 24 to 28 (PSLE level 3) for her English compositions. Since joining English language lessons at Elucidation Learning, Jia Xuan’s English has improved by leaps and bounds.

Careful Guidance resulting in As

Nurul Azimah
GCE O Levels, 2015

I was in Elucidation’s English class during the year of my GCE O Level examinations. Before, English had always been tough for me in secondary school.

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